I started working as a freelance sound engineer and producer in 2009, with occasional experience in live FOH mixing with artists and bands who I work with in the studio, and some excursions in the location sound recording, audio post-production and music composition and production for moving images.

My studio experience has given me the opportunity to deal with several genres, from rock to dance, from soul to hip-hop, from pop to classical and has led me to work in many different studio environments and set-ups (both digital and analog), from my own studio to larger facilities as a freelance engineer, studio assistant or producer.

My approach to the studio work is always primarily focused on artists’ comfort and needs, because I think that a musician at his ease is always the first and essential step to a good sounding recording.

As an engineer I’m able to use my technical and musical skills in favour of artists’ and producers’ expectations, by appropriately giving and receiving feedback and actively listening, always using my ears and my musical background in a proactive, fruitful analytical and non-judgmental way.

My aim is to help artists and bands to give shape to their artistic vision by using my technical and musical skills and experience, on the most various kinds of budgets and timetables, making the most out of any given situation and always delivering the best and expected results.