non così vicino

“Non Così Vicino” | an art film and installation by Gaia Ginevra Giorgi and Delia Simonetti

Nostalgia: design mechanism and melancholic not-desire of something that is no more. The memory that breaks-in all of a sudden is already a project, what is remembered returns into the system in spectral form.
“Not so close” is a project that is born during the first lockdown, from the correspondence between Gaia Ginevra Giorgi (poet and performer) and Delia Simonetti (director).

The work examines the memory as a substance that is editable, translatable and that can be betrayed. 

The dramaturgical device used as generative expedient is a personal archive of home movies, shot during the 90s by the fathers of the two artists (Gaia and Delia, here called with her first name, Silvia), and the intent is to change the direction of them.
The idea is to negotiate with the impossibility of the archive (spectral device par excellence) and to inaugurate in this way a thought on an archeology that can be fantastic, re-combinatorial, monstrous, fragmented, incomplete, activating practices of writing and re-signification of the space.

Ibrida Festival 2021 
“Vertigine” selection curated by Cosimo Terlizzi

I Fumi della Fornace – Festa della Poesia 2021
Video installation, curated by Diana Caponi, Giulia Pigliapoco


imagination, concept, realization: Gaia Ginevra Giorgi, Delia Simonetti
lyrics and voices: Gaia Ginevra Giorgi
editing: Delia Simonetti
sound design: Eugenio Mazzetto